The Voice of My Faith

Thanking the Faithful

Hello Friends, It is not easy for me, to stand in front of the congregation, at this moment, as a representative of the Roman Catholic Church and preach. However, I do because I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church, a Christian Community, which I love, but at times I suffer with. The entire world, Europe, seems to be in the middle of one of the greatest crisis’ since World War II. Worldwide, acts of violence, wars, environmental catastrophes and poverty, have forced millions of people, to leave their homes. For example, the devastating flood disaster in Libya, which has claimed over 11,000 lives. Unfortunately, there were many migrants among them.

Celebrating Migrants

This Sunday is the World Day of Migrants & Refugees and dedicated to human tragedies. Families are separated, members are abducted, moved around and exploited as worthless "commodities." Dear friends, the foundation of our successful coexistence seems to be questioned and finds itself on shaky ground. Have values like mutual respect, appreciation, and goodwill become worthless? This question perhaps suggests how we approach the history of humanity. We have the tendency to think that things were easier before. In the good ole days. It would be an interesting topic to discuss. However, I am convinced that every person possesses a sense of justice a various degrees. With this in mind, let us take a closer look at this evening’s Gospel (Mt. 20:1-16).

The Workers in The Vineyard

Let me ask you this: is it fair that the one who works longer in the vineyard receives the same wage as the one who works less? Based on my Western-DNA, this would not be fair. In a way, I can understand the grumbling of the workers who started early. In this parable the landowner represents God. So, why does God do this? If God is truly right and just, cannot I expect him to act accordingly?

Yes, we can, the Prophet Isaiah even says so that God can be found if you seek Him. Therefore, someone who seeks God will gradually discover the will of God. Together, let us explore God's will.

It is in God's interest, that every person can understand and accept themselves as affirmed and beloved creatures.

It is in God's interest, that every person is recognized as vulnerable with equal rights and responsibilities.

It is in God's interest, that every person has a right to bodily integrity and dignity.

It is in God's interest, that justice and righteousness prevail for the benefit of the community.

It is in God's interest, that the human family commits itself to peace, justice, solidarity, and the preservation of creation.

Along with you, I believe, that we can agree with all of these fundamental principles.

Working Together in God's Vineyard

On behalf of our parish team, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the volunteers in our parish and beyond with all my heart for defending these essential values so that they will not be forgotten. You, dear volunteers, are the pillars of our community within and outside the Church. With our many talents and charisma, together, we build up the community. However, it is also a community, which unfortunately, some people through their godless behavior – have deeply shaken and destroyed what is familiar to us. Despite the profound pain, let us try to move forward and not remain in the same place. Perhaps the parable of the landowner and the workers can help us widen our perspective.

The Kingdom of Heaven, God's home, is more than our personal sense of justice.

In the text from the First Reading (Isaiah 55:6-9), God speaks through the prophet: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the LORD.”


Let us not look first at the action of others but rather at our own behavior. Injustice remains unjust and must have consequences - for everyone everywhere. For me, my Christian view of humanity is uplifting and empowering for mankind. With this viewpoint, I continuously discover something precious. My neighbor is a beloved child of God – and so am I. With the message of the Gospel in mind, it doesn't matter who, when, or where or how much a person dedicates their time. As long as it for the joy and the greater good of the community. The Apostle Paul expresses this in his letter to the Philippians (Phil 1:20c-24, 27a) as follows: "Only conduct yourselves in a way worthy of the Gospel of Christ!"

Let us seek God together and look to Him, He who walks with us and strengthens us. Amen.

“Praise be Jesus Christ - Now and forever, amen!”

“Laudetur Jesus Christus - In saecula saeculorum”