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We Take a Stand

Dear Good Shepherd's Community,

We have once again been confronted with shocking facts of the abuse of children and adults by persons within the Catholic Church. This time it hits closer to home, here in Switzerland.

These extremely painful and ungodly crimes against the dignity of fellow human beings have left not only me as a priest deeply affected, but also bewildered, enraged, and saddened. Many people are shaken and affected. It leaves us feeling helpless and empty.

In a special meeting of the Pastoral Regional Team of Zug - Walchwil and the Parish Council of Zug, we shared the pain of this situation. In the attached statement, we would like to offer a sign of solidarity which applies to all of us.

Words alone cannot express how we feel. We would like to provide our support, not simply by listening and talking but by sharing our humble silence and prayers. Let us try to help and support each other in these very difficult moments.

Father Kurt Schaller