General information

The Most Sacred Heart

To be crucified during Roman occupation was to made an example. It was a long, horrible death perfected by the Romans in order to cause the greatest amount of pain. It was meant to discourage those who might consider causing trouble. Crucifixion was a public event with the crucified on display for all to see.

Our Hope

Christians have taken this image of the cross, once a symbol of horrendous death and turned it into a symbol of hope. The passion of Christ's death is a necessary part of the resurrection story. Without this scene, we are not saved. The crucifix is traditionally placed above the altar, the main focus of the entire building. It gives us hope, It saves us.

Jesus did not wish away his pain, he lived it until the end, his death. That is Jesus' love for us. It is what we celebrate on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. In honoring the Sacred Heart, we are honoring the compassion and love of Jesus: His human heart, His divine heart.