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Supporting the Sick and their Caregivers

Jesus was filled with compassion. Throughout his ministry he listened, he touched, he healed and he taught. Filled with the Holy Spirit we are called to use our gifts to do the same. Discovering our gift is not always easy. It can take years and life experience to find how to use our talents, but when it happens it can be beautiful and very fulfilling. 

Introducing Nanami Perrig

Nanami PerrigMrs. Perrig

"After my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer (GBM) in 2009, I was introduced to Simonton Cancer Center a year later in 2010. After going through the healing journey with my husband, I was inspired to become a psychotherapist to help people who have been touched by cancer, depression, Parkinson's disease and other critical illnesses.
I am currently working with Simonton Cancer Center in the USA and organizing patient individual and group sessions in Europe and Japan."

At Home in Zug

Mrs. Perrig lives in Zug and would like to use her experience and training in helping others who are affected by cancer and various stress-related illnesses. Whether it is a patient, caregiver, friend or family member. We all need support in times of crisis and uncertainty. God depends on us to share our talents with people in need. Please contact Mrs. Perrig by E-Mail: