General information

Preparation for Confirmation

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that, "Every baptized person not yet confirmed can and should receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Since Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist form a unity, it follows that 'the faithful are obliged to receive this sacrament at the appropriate time' for without Confirmation and Eucharist, Baptism is certainly valid and efficacious, but Christian initiation remains incomplete." (CCC 1306)

The Appropriate Time

According to the customs of the early Latin church, the appropriate age was "the age of discretion." Confirmation is often called the sacrament of Christian maturity. Spiritual faith and maturity shouldn't be confused with adult growth. (CCC 1307)

Confirmation in the Catholic Church usually takes place when a young person is in their teens. Young adults are able to take responsibility for their education and appointments. The decision to commit to the Catholic Faith is by their free will and should not be influenced by the pressure of their parents.

Our Program

At Good Shepherd, preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation takes place once every two years. Together with the group leaders, the candidates plan the meeting dates and times. Readiness is determined by their participation and involvement in the group and in the community. Classes have already begun. We meet in the Parish Center classroom on sunday afternoon. Registration forms are to be completed and signed by the candidate. Confirmation for 2023 will be at the end of May, on Pentecost Sunday at 18:00


We must meet for a total of twelve times. Classes are held on Sunday afternoons, as this does not interfer with school commitments. Studying for exams and completing assignments are very important but so is our commitment. As maturing adults, candidates must take responsibility. It is up to them to be on time for classes and be prepared to listen and be engaged. It is important that the young adults feel free to express their thoughts in an environment which is secure and private. For this reason, the group leaders will not give out any information regarding material covered. It is also up to candidates to communicate information, including dates, to parents.