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Peace Be With Us

Following Jesus’ death, he appeared, “when the doors were locked, where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst.”

In The Upper Room

In the southern part of the Old City of Jerusalem on Mount Zion is a place called the Upper Room. Tradition refers to it as the site of the Last Supper and as the very room where Jesus appeared to the disciples. It was in this room where Peter and the other ten disciples hid themselves, waiting for the Holy Spirit. These were certainly difficult times for the first followers of Jesus. History shows us that Christians have faced challenging times throughout the ages. We too are facing difficult times as the Coronavirus has spread and become what seems to be an all-out war. The healthcare system is at its capacity which forced the government to take drastic measures to bring down the rising curve. As a nation we are strongly urged to follow their recommendations. What does this mean for us, the Catholic Community?

Cancelled or Restricted

Mass celebrations resumed a year ago at the end of May, however under strict rules. We must maintain physical distance at all times.The space in the Church, under these restricts, seats a little more than 100. Communion is distributed with a plexiglass between the minister and recipient. We are permitted to sing but only while wearing a mask. It is hard news to accept, but accept it we must! As difficult as it is to understand, it has opened up new possibilities. We as a community must embrace these possibilities and find alternative ways to celebrate our faith. The doors may be locked out of fear from this contagious virus, but Jesus is in our midst bringing his peace.

At Home With Jesus

Of course watching Mass on television or on the Internet is not the same as celebrating in a church, but at least it can be enough to give us some peaceful time to reflect on God's Word. We can spiritually participate in the Eucharist by giving the responses to the priest's words and actions. Here you will find two very good resources for live, online services. One has daily Mass from English speaking countries around the world. The second is Church Services TV which has not only daily Mass but other services, such as rosary and Eucharist Adoration. Simply click on "What's On Now" from their homepage in the link provided.  

Peace be with you dear friends. Let us keep each other in our prayers until we can meet again!

The Team of Good Shepherd's