General information

Palm Workshop for Young and Old

"The very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and strewed them on the road" (Matthew 21:8).

A King's Entrance

On Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem before his passion and crucifixion. The crowds of people greeted him like a king, waving palm branches and laying them down in the road, making way for the one who “comes in the name of the Lord” (Luke 19:38).

World Wide Tradition

Churches all around the world tradition celebrate Palm Sunday with a procession of palms which are blessed at the opening of Mass. It is a tradition that continues today, as it marks the beginning of Holy Week.

Palm Workshop

We at Gut Hirt and Good Shepherd have a workshop on the Saturday afternoon of Palm Sunday where participants can make their own bouquet of specials foliage tied together with a ribbon. We also give instructions for making weaved palm crosses. All of which will be blessed at the beginning of Mass. Participants can take them home following Mass. Once they have been blessed they become "sacramental" and must be treated with the same respect as any blessed liturgical item.

After one years time, the blessed items may be returned to the church whenere they will be offered up in the Easter Vigil fire. The ashes from the Easter Vigil fire are used the following year on Ash Wednesday.