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A Psalm for Switzerland

213. The number of days between January 1st and August 1st. 

152. The number of days between August 1st and December 31st. 

1291. The year the Old Swiss Confederation was born. 

3. The number of Cantons to sign The Federal Charter. 

4. The number of official languages spoken in Switzerland, English is not one of them. 


Let us all give thanks to God for the beauty of his creation, not just on August 1st, the Swiss National Day, but every day. Let us praise Him for the beauty of not only Switzerland, but the entire world. 

Swiss National Anthem

Unofficial English transtlation:

When the morning skies grow red.  And over us their radiance shed.  Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light! When the alps glow bright with splendor, Pray to God, to Him surrender! For you feel and understand That God dwelleth in this land. That God, the Lord, dwelleth in this land.