General information

One Church - Many Languages

I find the history of our church and the surrounding neighborhood to be very interesting. Today we see an International Community with people from all around the world, from various backgrounds, and cultures. 

A Brief History

In the early 30’s the faces may have been much different and the buildings smaller but it consisted of people who were coming and going, leaving their homeland and relocating to a new country. The people living in the northern side of Zug were mostly migrants working for local factories. The distance to St. Michael’s, the only Catholic church at that time, was far and the people wanted their own place to worship so they raised the money to build a church. In 1936, they broke ground and the following year on the first Sunday in November, Mass was celebrated for the first time in our church. Since then, our church has gone through many changes. 

A Village Transformed

Switzerland played a large role in the economic growth of Europe following WW2 and together with technical advancements and innovation, areas like Zug grew and the face of this once small town began to change. The reforms of the Second Vatican Council gave the inside of our church a new look. Our church is home to the Swiss Parish of Gut Hirt, but we are more than that. Good Shepherd’s English speaking community, the Croatian Mission and Syrian-Orthodox Community make their home here as well as the Philippine Catholic Mission. Since September, the Spanish Mission of Lucerne has found a home for the Spanish speakers living in Zug. 

Let's Celebrate!

As we continue to reach out to those around us, please support us as we try to reach our full potential as: One Church - Many Languages.