General information

Minis On Ice

A year in the planning, the Minis from Gut Hirt and Good Shepherd finally hit the ice on Sunday, January 14, 2024, following the 9:30 Mass.

Celebrating Together

Fr. Kurt celebrated the Mass with all the altar servers, plus their leaders, Karen Curjel and Matej Sekerka. After a quick change of clothes, a light snack, and a short prayer, ten Minis plus four adults made their way to the outdoor skating rink at the Bossard Area in Zug. It is not easy to predict the weather and we had experienced everything extreme in the weeks before, but the air was fresh and the temperature was cold enough to keep the ice frozen. To the skater’s delight, the sun came out in the early afternoon. Everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch outdoors before returning to the ice for the second half of our excursion.

Part 2

Feeling confident, Fr. Kurt suggested a game of TAG and we spent the next hour and a half excitingly chasing after one another. Shortly after 14:00, we skated off the ice and into the locker room to hang up our skates and make our way back to the church. Tired and grateful for a day free from injury, we gathered for a prayer of thanks before heading home.

Building Relationships

Activities like this help to create new friendships and deepen our feeling of community. A big thanks to all our Minis for their service. Thank you to the parents for their continued support and encouragement.

We look forward to our next activity: a film evening following the evening Mass with a sleep over in the Parish Center on Saturday, May 4, 2024.