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Looking Back: The 2023 Report

Good Shepherd's Annual Report

Children’s Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy has become a much beloved element of our Sunday evening Mass. Following the Opening Prayer, the children are invited to meet the catechists in the middle of the church. Sometimes there are upwards of thirty children! Together they go out for a special program which is based on the Sunday Gospel. The children are introduced to faith through the simple prayers and lively images of Jesus and his encounters with people. The children return to church carrying colorful candles and accompany the altar servers with the gifts of bread and wine. The Children’s Liturgy also offers adults a quiet atmosphere in the church to concentrate on the Liturgy of the Word which is greatly appreciated.

Altar Servers - Together We Are Stronger

This motto accompanies the altar servers of Gut Hirt and Good Shepherd. St. Tarcisius adorns our Mini logo and serves as a role model. St. Tarcisius has been described as courageous and strong because he saw the challenges of the poor and courageously wanted to help. Our Minis not only support each other in the holiness of the church but display tremendous courage in the towering heights of the rope park and by supporting the younger, smaller ones. We live and connect the happiness of life and faith by embracing what brings us joy!

Parish Council - Many Languages

The Parish Council supports the communal life of the parish through its actions. I am delighted we have been able to put together a dynamic and multicultural Team. Reinilde Lo Cascio serves as our experienced president. Other members include Cristina Euchner, who represents Good Shepherd; Hemma Fuchs is our representative from the Guthirt Neighborhood Organisation (Guthirt Quartierverein); Ante Busic is our voice for the younger generation; Toni Lekic represents the Croatian Mission; Andrea Kühnis oversees our finances; Karen Curjel is from the Team of Gut Hirt; Petar Penava is our connection to the Church and surrounding area, plus me as Pastor rounds out our current Parish Council. The challenges facing the Church today are enormous but I am convinced that together WE ARE stronger as we journey through all the challenges and successes.