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Life is a Puzzle

Our Indispensability in the Game of Life

They come in various sizes, shapes, images and themes. Those who are familiar with the world of puzzles, feel at home in them, sometimes to the point that one can get lost in them, understanding that each puzzle piece is part of a bigger picture.

Puzzles can be found in sizes ranging from one to 54,000 pieces or even more. Regardless of the number of pieces, there are different strategies for putting a puzzle together. Whether you start with the outside edge pieces to make the picture frame or you begin in the middle with a distinctive image section, each puzzle piece has a determined place.

Looking at it from the perspective of a single piece, one might argue, "I'm just a small, insignificant piece among these other 53,999 - maybe even a simple, plain blue piece that gets lost in the vastness of the blue sky."

It is encouraging however, to look at it from the perspective of the larger, greater picture: "Look, it's true that you are just one piece among many. But remember: you are unique, you are important. There is no one who could take your place in the same way you do. Everyone around you relies on you because they need you, exactly as you are, with all your edges and corners, and all your straight lines and curves. I know, sometimes you can't see the big secret when you're only focused on yourself. But try to contribute as you are, so that something great, something meaningful can emerge."

Every Person Matters

I appreciate this encouraging voice which tries to make the single piece aware of its importance in the context of something greater. In it, I hear the voice of Jesus Christ. The compassionate God, who personally addresses each person so that they can find their place in the greater picture. To God, everyone is precious, every person valuable, and each of us is unique. The importance of this heartfelt and individual support becomes more apparent when we consider others and the broader context of life. Every contribution to our community is significant, no mater it magnitude or level of visibility.

Matej Sekerka, our pastoral trainee, will take another step in his church service with the acolyte appointment on November 18, contributing to the well-being and success of the greater whole. We wish him much joy and fulfilment in his endeavour.

Fr. Kurt