General information

Humbled by Grace

The Canticle of Mary is a beautiful hymn praising God. She sang it as a response to the angel Gabriel's announcement that she would become the mother of Jesus. She thanked God with a heart filled with joy, proclaiming His greatness, His mercy, power and faithfulness to His people throughout history.

Role Model

Mary can be a role model for us as she exemplified this in her own life. Her humility, obedience and trust enables her to fulfil God's plan. By walking humbly with God, she became a vessel of His grace and played an important role in the salvation of humanity.

Litany of Humility

How can we practice humility? It begins with self reflection and examination. It begins with our ego. The Litany of Humility is a powerful reflection for overcoming pride and self love. It is a helpful prayer in times of struggle when our ego seems to get the better of us.