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God Is With Us

Dear Friend,

The Season of Easter is an important time when we are reminded that God accompanies us in every situation of our life. It is through his love and mercy that we receive hope and confidence. The Easter celebration is the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through his death and resurrection, he has shown us that life does not end with death and that there is always a way out of darkness and into the light. We remember God's promise to make everything new and to help free us from the burdens in our lives.

What is Important

In these days, it is crucial that we focus on our relationships with our fellow human beings. They too are a gift from God and an important part of our lives. We can support and encourage each other and stand by one other in difficult times. It is in unity and solidarity that we can live and realise the earthly promises God made to us.

Bless and Be Blessed

On behalf of the Team of Good Shepherd and Gut Hirt, we wish you a blessed Easter Season and may you feel that God's love and mercy are working in your life.

Fr. Kurt Schaller