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Cornelius Converts

The liturgical season of Easter introduces us to the life of the Apostles as found in the Acts of the Apostles. It was a time of much preaching, much praying, much hiding and many conversions. One very profund conversion was that of the gentile Cornelius, the Centurian, His baptism was considerd a very important event in the early Christian church.

Acts of The Apostles

The First Reading (Acts 10: 25-26,34-35,44-48) on the Sixth Sunday of Easter tells the account of his conversion, Cornelius has a vision in which he is instructed to meet Peter. Meanwhile, Peter has a vision that confounds him and that he will later understand as a sign that Gentiles who proclaim Jesus as Lord should be welcomed into this new community.

Come Holy Spirit

Upon his first meeting with Peter, Cornelius falls before Peter's feet. While a conversation between the two ensues, a large crowd gathers. For the first time, Peter begins to teach "that God shows no partiality" between Jew and Gentile. The Holy Spirit descended upon the believers, and the baptism of Cornelius and his household followed.

Certain traditions hold Cornelius as becoming either the first bishop of Caesarea.