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Cheverons and Fesses: The Steiner Family Crest

In our Church there are many windows. Windows bring in the light from outside. Colored windows bring color when the sun is shining. The windows on either side of the altar display six saints, one of which depicts Brother Claus who is the patron saint of Switzerland.  

Reminders of Years Past

On each side of the nave (the central part of the church), you will find several small stained-glass windows which contain family crests. These represent various foundations and people of Good Shepherd’s and the parish from over the years.

A New Window

On Wednesday, September 8, 2021 a new window crest was added to our church. On the second panel, south side, you will see the latest edition. It has two blue chevrons with red and yellow diagonal fess. This is the crest of the Steiner Family from the Canton of Schwyz. It shall be a reminder of Fr. Urs’ ministry. As you look at the crest, keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he enjoys the golden years of his life.