General information

A Month with Mary

The month of May is traditionally devoted to celebrating Mary, the mother of Jesus. There is good reason for us to honor her. She was the first to hear the Good News and the first to follow her son. Mary’s entire life was devoted to him in whatever way she could.

The Wedding at Cana

This was apparent at the Wedding at Cana (John 2: 1-12). Jesus’ revealed his divine glory to his disciples for the first time when he miraculously turned water into wine. Mary was there. At first Jesus seemed to reject his mother when she told him that the wine had run out. Later, when his hour had come, Jesus turned ceremonial water, used for washings, into more than inferior wine.

Marian Devotion

Mary’s role in Jesus life and ministry can be an example for us. Mary said yes to the will of God and gave life to our Savior. Devotion to Mary is an important part of Catholic identity. Many people ask her for help in difficult moments of their life. During the months of May and October, we dedicate thirty-one days to Mary. It is an opportune time to take out your rosary and pray with us.

Devotion in May

On Wednesday evenings in May (except May 14), please join us for our Marian Devotions, at 19:30 in the Church. May 1st and 22nd will be in German while May 8th and 29th will be in English and German.

Please bring your rosary!