General information


On Sunday, November 6, 2022, we celebrated the 85th Anniversary of our Church, Gut Hirt. It was a great Parish festival!

We live our Motto: One Church - Many Languages

This festival connects people through the simple language of God, which reaches beyond all boundaries, seeking, finding and uniting us. It is through our various languages and cultures that we can experience the diversity of Creation.

A big thanks you to all who supported and participated in this celebration!

Sharing is Caring

I would especially like to thank our parish community and the various Mission communities. Everyone contributed to make this celebration a success, sharing his or her own language and culture. Our celebration would not have been possible without the commitment of our many volunteers. They include:

  • Church Choir of Gut Hirt & Good Shepherd
  • Altar Servers of Gut Hirt & Good Shepherd
  • Parish Council of Gut Hirt & Good Shepherd
  • Team Gut Hirt & Good Shepherd
  • Gut Hirt Community Association
  • Knitting Group of Gut Hirt
  • Kolping Group Zug

Our Communities

  • English-speaking Mission
  • Croatian Mission
  • Philippine Mission
  • Spanish Mission
  • Syriac Orthodox Church (Aramaic-speaking community)

Generous Support!

Due to your generosity, we are able to support the project “Christmas Box” from the Zuger Diakoniesonntags.

On behalf of Gut Hirt and the organizational team, I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

Fr. Kurt Schaller

Pastor Good Shepherd / Pfarrer Gut Hirt