Working with God

Wine harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere comes to an end during the first weeks of October. The precious grapes, whose quality are dependent on the weather, are carefully watched and protected throughout the year. The chateau owner of today probably doesn’t live on his vineyard. The owner has caretakers to look after the grapes while the winemaking is outsourced to a vintner. Imagine what would happen if in the absence of the landowner, the workers decided to take over?

The Gospel According to Matthew

The Gospel for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Matthew 21:33-43) tells the Parable of The Tenants. Jesus was in Jerusalem for the last time and tensions were high. He was in the temple when chief priests and elders began to question him, anxious to find ways to trap Jesus. He often challenged the religious authorities and their desire for power and control. Violence and abuse of power, common in the ancient world, are very much present today, in workplaces, government, institutions, organizations, relationships and in families. The message of this Gospel might be somewhat depressing but it can be one of hope. Hope in the power of love.

Serving As Leaders

St. Paul emphasized the concept of a love and servant-based leadership where leaders and persons of influence should serve and look for the needs of others and not for personal gain or growth or simply feeding one’s own ego (Philippians 2, 3-4).

Living the Message

Let us strive to be watchful vineyard owners who respond to neglect and abuse by exercising our power, the power of Christ in our lives. Let us use this power to examine our own position and take it out to the vineyard of the Lord and help plant an abundant crop.