With God Everything is Possible

Mastering the art of conversation is not easy. Words and meanings can be misinterpreted or mi­sunderstood and communication can quickly come to a halt. Just as dialog between people can come to a halt, so can our communication with God. When prayers seem to be left unanswered doubts begin to set in.

Reflecting on the Gospel

The gospel for October 20th (Luke 18:1-8) addresses such breakdowns as Jesus tells the Parable of the Persistent Widow. The woman in the story was wronged and she goes to the judge for a just decision, which he did not give at first. The judge, who thinks first and foremost of himself, is responsible for upholding the law and delivering a quick decision. With this parable Je­sus tells his disciples to be persistent in prayer, just like the widow who does not back down in her demands. Jesus himself questions the faith of the people.


Dialog between people changes situations and changes us. Those who pick up a conversation where it was left off can find new insight. I find this to be particularly true when I am involved in a very difficult, intense discussion. Maybe it’s a deli­cate subject and the parties involved become un­comfortable. It might be easier to walk away from the table. It takes a certain amount of perseveran­ce and energy to remain a part of that dialog. Re­maining in dialog with God, especially during challenging times, requires strength. Perseverance in prayer means to believe in a God who accom­panies us on our spiritual journey. It means having faith and trust in a God who loves us and all of creation.


When we are deep in prayer with God, he reaches out his hand to touch the face of the earth. In prayer He reaches out and touches our hands so that we can be empowered to change the world. Friends, persevere in your dialog with God, place your trust in him and have faith in kno­wing that with God nothing is impossible. Fr. Urs