Why Are You Troubled?

These are the words of the Resurrected Lord in the Gospel for the Third Sunday of Easter (Luke 24:35-48). The disciples were gathered, together trying to come to terms with everything that had happened in the days surrounding Jesus’ suffering and death. Rumors of his resurrection left them uncertain and fear of the authorities forced them to hide.

What Was Is Like?

Imagine being a witness to this scene as Jesus “stood in their midst and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’” How many times do we find ourselves struggling with doubts and uncertainties in our faith journey? Sometimes we question our purpose, our worth and our capacity to impact the world around us. Yet, it is in these moments of questioning where Jesus meets us. He transforms our doubts into a deeper understanding.

Living the Message

Perhaps we wonder how this transformation happens, but like the disciples in our reading, Jesus enters our lives in unexpected ways, breaking through the doors of our fears. His presence reassures and invites us to experience a peace that goes beyond our understanding of the world around us. Nurturing a personal relationship with Jesus begins with prayer, meditation and participation in the sacraments. Through Eucharist Adoration and listening for the voice of God in moments of stillness, we open our hearts and minds to receive this peace-making space for the Holy Spirit to dwell within us. We need not be troubled