We Would Only Be Marionettes

Paris, November 13, 2015. Berlin, December 19, 2016. Barcelona, August 17, 2017

Terrorist attacks in Europe have spread fear and anxiety. What used to happen in far away, war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria are happening here on our soil and has become a part of our lives. Fright and helplessness has become the norm. In these situations the question often arises: Why does God allow bad things to happen? The answer is simple: God is not responsible for the suffering in the world! God, however, did give mankind a free will. This means that he does not force people to have a relationship with him. Evil can only happen where God is not present. This is something for us to ponder. Of course God could force us to be nice, kind and loving, but what kind of relationship would that be? We would only be his marionettes. God cut the strings which leaves us living in a world with the freedom to choose. It’s the freedom to maintain the kingdom God wants for us or create a kingdom where the individual is the ruler of his or her own world. I believe that this is where the fear and anxiety comes from.

How can God help us in our fear?

By having faith in him and his saving hand! When we have an active relationship with God our faith will not falter. It shouldn’t be a one sided relationship where we do all the talking, but one where we seek stillness and contemplation with God in order to hear his voice and listen to his will. I know that through my faith the only place I can fall is into His hands. This faith and God’s saving grace is what gives me the strength and serenity to guide me in my life, especially when the terrors of the world surround me. During the month of September, we are reminded of the attacks in 2001 not only in the U.S. but here in Zug. The church bells throughout the Canton of Zug will ring for 15 minutes on September 27th. Let us take these few minutes to remember the victims of terror, not just from 2001 but from today and the days to come.