Washing Feet

Washing Feet

The sundown of Holy Thursday is the official ending of Lent. It is one of the high points of the Easter Triduum as we celebrate the Last Supper with Jesus. His life, suffering, death and resurrection are historical events, well documented in the Bible. For those of us who follow Jesus, these events happen to us. After our Lenten time in the desert, we look back on these past forty days, reflecting on where we were and look forward to a renewed life.

The Gospel According to John

In John’s Gospel for Holy Thursday, the preparations for the Passover had been done. There was food, there was wine and the disciples were gathered together. Jesus goes straight to his beautiful act of humility: washing the feet of his closest friends. In ancient times, the act of washing another’s feet was one that was not be required of even the lowest of slaves. Yet Jesus does it, fully aware that this would be their last time together. The washing of the feet is re-enacted in most Holy Thursday Celebrations, including during the Mass in Good Shepherd's.

Bi-Lingual Mass

Our Holy Thursday on March 29th will be completely bi-lingual. Attending this service brings deeper meaning to the Easter celebration as we sing out in Glory and take part in the Eucharist with renewed life.


Serving others is a visible sign of love, even in the simple, every day acts of kindness. As our time in the desert ends, let us go out and wash the sand from the feet of others.