Understanding Easter

Grief can trigger many emotions: sadness, anger, guilt, disbelief, shock, confusion, helplessness, and numbness. The Gospel for the Third Sunday of Easter is the story of “The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus” (Luke 24:13-35). It is a story about shared grief which turns to shared joy.

Shared Grief

Two of Jesus’ disciples were on their way home following the crucifixion. They probably experienced some of the above-mentioned emotions, plus much fear of the Romans. As they journeyed to Emmaus, they had time to talk. Maybe they talked about the time they had with Jesus, about his public ministry and all he had done, the miracles, his peace, and his love. Their grief prevented them from recognizing the Risen Christ who had joined them along the way

Jesus in Our Midst

This stranger opened the scriptures, broke bread with them and opened their eyes to the glory of the resurrection. In the middle of their confusion and sadness, they experienced Jesus as his words and his presence burned in their hearts. We don’t need to be in a miserable state to experience Jesus. He is with us in our brokenness and he reveals himself to us when we help the poor, spread peace and forgiveness.

Taking The Message Home

We can experience Jesus when we read our Bible and take part in the Eucharist and when we gather together as a community. The disciples were not alone, they had each other. We need each other to walk together in faith, supporting and encouraging one another as we journey towards the promise of the resurrection and eternal life. May the love of Jesus burn in your heart as you go out and share it with the world.