Timeless Message

On June 29th, we celebrate and honor Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles. Paul travelled thousands of kilometers to preach the Good News of the Risen Christ after he had a dramatic meeting with him. Jesus built his Church on Peter and asked him to feed his sheep. Two very different people, each answered the call of Jesus and preached in his name.

Simon vs Paul

Simon was a simple fisherman and probably had little or no education. Saul, who gradually became known as Paul, was a devout Pharisee with a university education. Peter was with Jesus from the very beginning and Paul was a persecutor of Christians. Both men underwent big changes to become the missionaries they were meant to be. They left their families and home to spread the news of God’s Kingdom. Their mission brought them much suffering and eventually a martyr’s death. We too are called to change and to put Jesus first in our lives. We are invited to encounter Jesus, to meet him in the Eucharist and to follow his call. Most of us won’t suffer persecution, but the choices involved with this decision can make us unpopular, at home or at work or among our friends or even family. We don’t need to travel the world to spread the news, this has already been done. But we can spread the word by speaking Jesus’ name and being examples of his love and forgiveness; by reaching out to the poor and sick, touching with a healing presence and treating others with respect.


All of this helps to build church as we become the rocks which can be built upon. As we honor these two saints on June 29th, let’s use them as role models for our Christian life. They show us how intimate our relationship to Jesus can be. Jesus asked Peter (Matthew 16:13-19), “But who do you say that I am?” Peter and Paul responded with committing their lives to him. How will we answer? Just say «YES»!