The Power to Empower

The Gospel of Mark teaches us a lot about Jesus’ ministry. His simple use of language is short and to the point. I am still reflecting on the gospel from two weeks ago (Mark 6:1-6). Jesus was criticized and rejected in his hometown. This rejection from his people reminds me of my days as a young mother. My mother seemed to have difficulty accepting that I had grown up and was no longer a child. I was an adult with children of my own. Through our difficulties I learned what kind of mother I did not want to be.

Life Is A Gift

It’s up to each person to decide how to treat their own life and the life of others. Do we take it for granted and abuse it or do we make the most of each life and care for it as if it could never be replaced? I think we can all agree that each person has a purpose and their contribution to mankind cannot be replaced. With this in mind, we should treat each life with care and love. This includes children. They not only deserve our respect, they need it! How else will they grow up and become the people God wants them to be?


We need to give children the confidence they need in order to make good choices. We all want to be respected and treated with dignity. Who doesn’t want to be adored, supported and complimented? We adore and compliment the small cute little babies and toddlers, but what about when they become teenagers and young adults? Jesus left Nazareth and returned a changed man. Instead of being admired for his growth and abilities, he was rejected. Of course he went on to do great things and made a difference in the lives of hundreds. He continues to touch lives today.

Our Homework

We too have the ability to touch a life, not only in the broader world like Jesus, but at home, in our hometown within our families. We have the power to empower children. When we respect and support them, we empower them. When we touch the life of a child today we form their life for the future.