The Power of Powerlessness

During Jesus’ short ministry he taught about the po­wer of powerlessness. He showed us how giving in and being submissive gives us power. Evil and suffe­ring did not destroy him, it strengthened him. His re­surrection invites us into the process of God showing us a new way of life and a different approach to the world around us. Those who accept this invitation will become holy.

Pure Heart - Holy Heart

Holiness is not necessarily a life wi­thout sin or without mistakes. Holiness is a state of mind and heart. It is about purity of intention, a puri­ty of heart and of truth. Jesus invites us to embrace this purity and then he asks us to trust - to radically trust - in every single thing that God leads us to do. This is a pretty big invitation and one worth taking. This trust leads us to a state of powerlessness when we let go of our fears. Life is right in front of us and it is usually pretty clear. Most of the time we don’t like the way it looks and we want to change it. We judge it, and then spend a lot of time and energy ta­king control of it, taking control of whom we are and where we are going. Then we create an illusion of what our life should be and who we want to be. When it isn’t go­ing as planned, fear and anxiety set in. That’s when we become vulnerable and we lose control. As Christians, we are called to recognize these illusi­ons as being half-truths, outright lies or a bunch of rubbish. If we don’t, we get caught up in a make-believe world that can lead us down a path of self-destruc­tion.


God gives us the wisdom to seek out the truth and make our choices. Jesus saved the world by giving himself over to the truth. He knew that death was not the end. He saw through the illusions that surrounded him and put his trust in His Father. Brothers and sisters seek out the truth, demand it! Do the inner work, find out what is real and submit yourselves to it. Maybe then you will be able to feel the power of being powerless.