The Gift of Love

The Gospel for the Sixth Sunday of Easter (John 15:9-17) begins with Jesus telling his disciples how much he loves them. He reminds them that he chose them, not the other way around. He gives instructions on how they should love: “love one another as I love you”. These are instructions for us today.

Jesus Teaches

When I was growing up, I remember all the rules we had, a long list of “dos” “don’ts”. I never thought to question the rules - we were taught to obey and my parents had the last word. They didn’t give us rules for loving but they did teach us to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Every Day Is Mother's Day

We celebrate Mother’s Day in Switzerland on May 9th. A good mother loves her child and children trust their mother completely and look to them for guidance. A child learns how to love from their mother. A mother’s love is endless and unconditional. If we practice this kind of love it will be reflected in our behavior and have an influence on those around us. If we all practise this love we will naturally want the best for others. The rule of Jesus’ love knows no boundaries and doesn’t have a list of “dos” and “don’ts”, it is simply “love one another”. The decision of how much and in which way we love is our choice. Jesus put himself before others and this is the model he asks us to follow.


To love one another means to love without conditions, without judgement or expectations. To love another means to love even those people who we think are undeserving and ungrateful. To love one another even means loving the people whom we don’t like. Jesus loved everyone. He laiddown his love for us all.