The Faces of Jesus: Matthew

The Bible is a composition of seventy-three books carefully placed in a library. Books that were written over several centuries, by various authors and originally in three different languages. Christians believe that God speaks to us in these images and powerful stories. 

A Library of Books

The Bible is divided into forty-six books of the Old Testament and twenty-seven in the New. The New Testament begins with four writings called “gospels”. The English word “gospel” is from the Greek word “euangelion” which means “good news”. The “good news” of Matthew presents Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah meaning his audience was probably Hebrew. 

Examining Matthew

It is not clear if the author is Matthew the tax collector, but he does have good knowledge of currency and financial matters. He writes about Jewish customs and concerns with no explanation making it seem like the gospel was written for Jewish Christians. God the Father works through Jesus in order to allow the will of the Father to be done. This gospel has Jesus proclaiming the kingdom of God which is present in our everyday lives. It is up to us to search for it and to live it. 


From the genealogy of Jesus all through his ministry and journey to Jerusalem, ending with his resurrection, it reads like an incredible story and it should be read as one. It can also be looked as a kind of catechism, teaching us how we can bring about this kingdom of God. A challenge but good news: this gospel ends with Jesus advising his disciples before he is lifted up to heaven, “I am with you always, until the end of the age.”