Telling A Story

Catholicism: What We Do, pt. 6

„The book you hold in your hand contains one of humanity’s greatest treasures…its epic stories, its powerful language and images have left their imprint on human history…” These words are found in the instruction of my Catholic Study Bible. There is no doubt that the Bible is a powerful book. Looking at the contents page, we can see that this amazing book is more like a small library containing several books, some songs, poetry and letters. We believe that the authors of the Bible reflected on important events in their lives but also on the life of Israel, Jesus and the early church. The Bible gives us inspiration, comfort and history. Maybe this is why the Bible is by far the biggest selling and most read book of all time!

The Scriptures in The Mass

At the Mass, after the gathering and introductions rites, we sit down and listen to the readings of the day. They are carefully selected stories of God’s people - they are our story! In the first reading, which is usually taken from the Old Testament, we hear ancient texts which usually give us some background into the meaning of what Jesus says or does as recorded in the Gospels. A psalm follows the first reading.

Responding to The Psalms

Often times, the responsorial psalm is over looked. They are an important part of our liturgy because they are prayerful responses to life experiences. There are many types of psalms pertaining to our life experiences. We all have joy, struggles, challenges and sorrow. The psalms were written by people who shared many of the same experience we do and they can relate to us today. It is important to note that the psalms end with praise to God.


We praise God not only for the blessings and good times we have in our life, but for the struggles as well. It is in the low points of our life where God speaks to us the most. It is during those times, when we usually turn to God, prayer and the words in the Bible.