Team Days

In early July, the Teams of Good Shepherd’s and Gut Hirt met for their annual conference to plan and discuss the upcoming year. The Coronavirus pandemic had an influence on these days. Despite physical distancing the atmosphere was great and relaxed. 

Christmas in July?

On the first evening, we had our traditional "Christmas Dinner" which takes place in summer because December is quite busy. The next morning we had some time for personal reflection. We asked ourselves what the impacts of the Coronavirus and the lockdown were. The day started with an impressive lecture given by Fr Urs who presented the challenges a priest faces in these days when called to a hospital to anoint a sick person who suffers from the virus. Afterwards we were confronted with a selection of questions in order to find out what these challenging weeks have done to us. 

Team Work

Members of both teams handled this exercise differently. Using creative tools, some members painted, others wrote some lines or took a biblical text that helped them during this distressful period. When we presented our creative results, we put the focus on the question together with the positive impacts of the crisis. More than one person pointed out that the past months made them reduce the speed in their daily routine; others emphasized the positive side of working from home and added that the pandemic gave them a feeling of freedom and self-determination. 


We all have to get through this period of uncertainty. There are undoubtedly positive aspects, which we should not suppress. What do we learn from the pandemic for our future? I hope here are many valuables lessons.