Sacrificing for the Beautiful

The message Jesus came to share was not limited to just his disciples and those around them (Acts 8:5-8,14-17); it was to be shared with everyone. The Church recognized from the very beginning its obligation to go out and preach the Good News of Jesus. Jesus’ disciples preached with a passion that comes from being touched or moved by something profound and unstoppable. Whenever anyone discovers something that is so life-giving, so freeing they become filled with enthusiasm and are driven to tell others about it. That “something” was the Holy Spirit, the power of God, which transformed the shy, fearful disciples into bold men who would bear witness to Jesus. 

Preparing for Pentecost

The Readings for the Sixth Sunday of Easter prepare us for the upcoming Feast of Pentecost. Jesus uses some fascinating language in the Gospel Reading (John 14:15-21) as he talks about the relationship he has with us, about the Trinity and how it is a way of understanding love. He is preparing to leave his time on earth and return to the Father. 

Love's Longing.

Love in the spiritual sense longs for the goodness and beauty that is found in every soul. When we find it, we are drawn to it. Some people are willing to make sacrifices for it – sacrifices for something that is even more beautiful. 

Taking the Message Home

Sacrifices are found in volunteer work. The goodness and willingness to make a sacrifice for something or someone, for a greater good, is beautiful. People encounter beauty when they give and share their time by helping others. Jesus asks the Father to send the advocate and it longs for beauty and happiness. The work of the Holy Spirit is reflected when we share this beauty with others. The Spirit of truth lives in every one of us. It restores our faith, it gives us hope and it makes us beautiful