Preparing For New

For over eighteen months, the Corona pandemic has had a grip on much of the world. Even though we have learned to live with this virus and even tried to slow down its spread, it does leave many of us feeling uncertain. What are we to do and how are we supposed to act? 

What Now?

The battle between the vaccinated and unvaccinated is frustrating. The accusations, conspiracy theories, protests and in some cases, violence leaves me feeling sad. Whatever happened to dialogue and searching for solutions? We might believe that with all the advances in technology we would be more civilized than we are. I wonder if humanity is any better now than two thousand years ago.

Reading Our Bible

The Readings for the First Sunday of Advent are about the coming of the Lord. We must prepare for his return. Luke writes that there will be signs and we will see the Son of Man coming in great glory. As we begin the reflective season of Advent, we turn our thoughts to the first coming of Christ as an innocent child. Jesus’ first coming fulfilled prophesies of the Old Testament. His earthly ministry showed us how God will rule over his kingdom and what we must do. 

The Gospel According to Luke

As we begin a new Liturgical Year and the Gospel of Luke, let us focus less on our own needs and wants and more on what God wants. As we prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ, let us also prepare ourselves for our new shepherd, Fr. Kurt Schaller, who will help guide us on our faith journey. Of that, I am certain.