Please Pass the Salt

In the Gospel for the 5th Sunday (Mt 5:13-16) we find the beginning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Jesus tells his disciples that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The salt of the earth I can understand, but Jesus added “You are the light of the world”. 

Let There Be Light 

The light of the world means going out and being a beacon for others. It means giving something of ourselves and shining our light for others. It means letting them take that light. Jesus didn’t say, “you will be” or “you will become or could or might be”, he said, you are! Jesus gathers all who believe in him and makes them his body and Christians experience this in their relationships with other Christians. Soon they feel their full potential and want to go out and bring that to others. It is a faith that illuminates out into the material world. Let me ask you a question: How many Christians do you work with? Are you the only Christian in your office? How many of your colleagues or friends know that you regularly attend Mass? 


I have a coffee mug that says “Got Jesus?” Could you imagine drinking out of it during your coffee break? I’m not suggesting that you start preaching at the office, but I am suggesting that you charge up that light of yours and let it radiate so that people will be compelled to ask "What makes you shine? What makes you so joyful? Where does that inner strength come from?" Then you can say over lunch or a cup of coffee, "My life turned around when I got Jesus.” We are the salt and the light of the world! Pass the salt shaker and turn on your light. We have work to do.