Our Planet is Under Pressure

It didn’t take long for Planet Earth to react to the U.S. President’s comments on climate change early last summer. The cries of Mother Nature and disgruntled citizens of the world have hopefully been heard as Trump flip flops on his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Deal. Is it too late to undo the consequences of our lifestyle which have threatened the ecological systems?

The Cries Of Mother Earth

The floods in Sierra Leon, which have claimed over 1,000 lives was considered a natural disaster. But was it? We harm the structure of our earth by extracting oil, coal and other raw materials from it. The need for more and bigger living space is good news for land developers and banks but bad news for trees and vegetation.  Natural catastrophes are occurring at an alarming rate. The earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes in the Caribbean. Didn’t Al Gore warn us about stronger hurricanes in his “Inconvenient Truth” over ten years ago? Many animal species have become endangered or extinct. Some reports state that our craving for beef has released more methane gas emissions (18%) than cars, planes and other means of transportation. Here in Switzerland, the permafrost is melting which has contributed to massive rock slides in the Grisons. No wonder our planet is crying out!

St. Francis

On October 4th we celebrate the well-known St. Francis of Assisi. He is the patron saint of Italy and of animals. Born into a wealthy, noble family, he didn’t have to worry about much while he was growing up. After suffering a spiritual crisis in his twenties, he made some serious life changes. He left his luxury life and went to live with the poor. His love of all life and God’s creation was seen in his caring attitude as he praised all creatures as brothers and sisters under God. Francis preached to the animals.


Do we need a spiritual crisis to recognize all of creation as a gift from God? Our planet is suffering a climate crisis and it is time to take action and realize our responsible for the gift that God has entrusted to us.