Our Gifts - God's Gifts

Kafr Kanna is centrally located in the northern part of Israel, between Haifa on the Mediterranean Coast and the Sea of Galilee. Translated Kafr Kanna means “Village of Cana”. This is where Jesus turned water into wine, his first recorded miracle. 

The Miracles of Jesus

In the Gospel reading for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, the text from John (2, 1-11) centers on the “The Wedding at Cana”. The wine had run out and Jesus replaced it using water that was reserved for ritual purification. This miracle happened before he began his public ministry and it was a sign of Christ’s generosity and things to come. 

Jesus' Ministry

Throughout his ministry, Jesus taught how to be generous with our gifts. He did this by being an example of God’s love – in showing kindness and compassion for the poor, lonely and outcasts of society. He taught about sharing what we have and he taught forgiveness. God has given us gifts and by using them we grow as His people and expand His kingdom.

The Letters of Paul

St. Paul, once a bitter enemy of early Christians, became one of the church’s leading and most formative missionaries. His letters, travels and vision of a world church based on the teachings of Jesus helped to spread the Good News quickly. In his Letter to the new Christian community in Corinth, Paul outlines the gifts that God has given to us. 


Each gift is unique and different from another. When we use our gifts, we, like Paul, become a part of Jesus’ mission. We need to continue the work of Christ by being his hands, feet and words. Jesus revealed his glory in the miracle of turning water to wine. When we turn our gifts into God’s gifts, we are using them for his glory and not our own. Let us all try to be examples of God’s love.