Less Meat. More Rainforest.

Since the start of the Corona pandemic and subsequent lockdowns or slowdowns, I believe that  many of us have become much more aware of our surroundings. Forced to stay at home, we have cooked more and cared less about our appearance. We have taken our sports and exercise outdoors and enjoyed the quiet sounds of nature. 

Stop and Smell the Roses

As I walked to work one morning, under clean, clear blue skies I began listening to a podcast series called “Energy Voices”. This series goes hand in hand with the 2021 Swiss Catholic Lenten Campaign. “Climate Justice Now” is the theme with awareness placed on consumption in the Western World. In one podcast, a young politician shared that the Christian values instilled upon her while growing up made an impact on her decisions today. Her parents taught her that the decisions we make do matter. Do we believe that the decisions we make, as individuals, matter?

Climate Justice

In order to respond to the climate crisis we must help preserve Creation and find ways of living that are less materialistic. This is where climate justice is important. Climate justice means holding those most responsible for greenhouse gasses accountable, and help them understand the consequences. While researching this Lenten Campaign, I came across the statement, “during Lent, many Christians forego meat and other luxuries;” How many of us have considered meat a luxury? 


Many things we have are “luxuries”. If we could “hear the cry of the earth” (Pope Francis, Laudato Si 49) then we can answer her and begin to make a real change. It begins with our decisions, because Decisive Actions Matter