Lenten Traditions

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Spring brings new life, new beginnings and fresh growth. Lent is known as the springtime of the liturgical year because it is a time when we redirect our lives toward God. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you know that the springtime work of cleaning out the garden helps to make way for new growth. The growth will come whether you do the cleaning or not, but when your garden is clean, the new growth will be more prosperous.

Spring Cleaning

Even though we clean our homes regularly during the year, spring is usually the time when we do a thorough cleaning. We get rid of things we don’t need, clean out the cabinets and closets and put them in new order. During the season of Lent we have the chance to do the same with our spiritual lives when we refresh and renew our relationship with God. Our Lenten practises can help us.

Stations of the Cross

This year we will offer a meditation on the Stations of the Cross every Tuesday evening in Lent at 19:00. As we walk with Jesus we can experience in a small way his suffering. We gain spiritual strength as he loses physical strength. On March 13th, our meditation will be bi-lingual (German/English). Complete translations will be available in both languages on all evenings.

Wall of Prayer

Good Shepherd’s would like to offer a place for specific prayer and intercession during the Season of Lent. On Ash Wednesday, we constructed a wall in the front of the Church for personal prayers and intentions. Here, you may write them on the provided slips of paper and insert them into the wall. Writing your concern or plea is a good tool for letting go. As we let go of what worries us we will give them up to God as they are offered into the Easter fire at the Saturday Easter Vigil on March 31st.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available by appointment. Please check our homepage under “General Information” for more information on confession and how to make an appointment.