Lenten Journey-Extended

The Swiss Federal council is relaxing their strict Covid-19 regulations which went into effect on March 17. I read an article about life after the Lockdown. The author compared this as a time of fasting. Tough in the beginning as we get used to a new way of living and thinking. Slowly, the wellbeing of the mind and soul begins to suffer, however as the body adapts the cleansing process begins.

New Lessons

This is what we have learned in these past weeks. Our movements have been restricted, as we have taken a break from the consumerism that had become a big part of our daily life. Hair salons closed over a month ago and we have had to find new ways to style our hair. The closure of fitness centers has forced us to discover other ways to exercise. We prepare meals at home and meet our friends virtually. Our appearance has become less esthetic and more a matter of comfort. After a few weeks of practise, this new way of living has become a part of our everyday life. As we slowly return to our normal lives we have to learn how to adjust to a new way of living.

Eucharist Fasting

When churches cancelled their Masses, many Catholics began feeling starved for the Eucharist. You would think that while the world is fighting a pandemic celebrating the sacraments would be more important than ever. How could we, who depend on the Sacraments, survive this crisis without them? 


There have been many saints and thousands of Christians who persevered without the Sacraments. In the same way we might desire the chocolate we gave up for Lent, this longing for the Eucharist can strengthen us during this time of crisis. We will meet Jesus again in the Eucharist, until then let him sustain us in our hearts.