Joseph: Mary's Spouse

Joseph: Mary's Spouse

Family life can sometimes seem like an endless onslaught of responsibilities. We care for our family by providing for them and taking care of them. Our family is not limited to our children but to our parents as well. Caring for children doesn’t stop when they reach adulthood. In adulthood they still look to us for guidance and input. At the same time, we usually have aging parents to consider which can become overwhelming. We find ourselves in what is called the “sandwich generation”. We are mothers and fathers but at the same time we are sons and daughters.

Role Model for Family?

On March 19th we celebrate St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. This celebration is a good time to remember that family is not only important, it is sacred. Joseph welcomed Mary into his home and they lived together as a family. He raised a child that was not his own. Certainly they faced gossip and maybe even some insults. This situation might not have made them appear to be an ideal role model family, but they are! In today's world, we wouldn't think too much about Mary and Joseph's situation but two thousand years ago it was shameful in the eyes of most people. But they lived through scandal and gossip in an honorable way.


There isn’t much written about Joseph in the Bible. In the Gospel on the feast day of St. Joseph, Matthew writes of the angel who appeared to him in a dream (Matthew 1:16-24). We don’t know Joseph’s verbal reaction but we do know his response. He showed us a model of love in his actions: loyalty, love and trust.