He Calls Us

We are at the beginning of Ordinary Time where we will read from the Gospel of Luke until the middle of November. Luke’s gospel is the first of a two-part narrative: Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. These, as well as all of the gospels, show that the promises of God have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. 

Jesus the Wanderer

During his public ministry, Jesus wandered from village to village all around Galilee covering over 5,000 kilometers by foot in the hot, scorching sun and during the cold, wet winters. Jesus had no home, so I imagine he spent most of his nights sleeping outdoors. Jesus had a mission on earth and he could not possibly have done it alone. “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost”(Luke 19:10).

The Gospel According to Luke

In the Gospel for the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus was at the Sea of Galilee where he called simple fishermen to be his disciples. I love telling this story to 2nd graders in the catechism classes. We sit together on the floor in a circle and we create a landscape using various materials. They each have a card in front of them where they have carefully written and decorated their name. Each name card is different and beautifully created, just like each child is. Using a candle, which represents Jesus and his light, I go around the circle and call each one of them. After placing the candle in the middle of the circle, I sit down and take my name card in my hand.


Just as Jesus called his disciples, he calls us. He needs us to help him carry on his mission. I place my card close to the Jesus candle and announce that I am a friend of Jesus. Then one by one, each child does the same. It warms my heart every time.