Haurietis Aquas

“You shall draw waters with joy out of the Savior’s fountain.” Pope Pius XII began his encyclical (Haurietis Aquas) on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in May 1956 with this verse from the prophet Isaiah.

Vatican 1 Devotions

In the days before the Second Vatican Council, it was common practice to devote prayers and to meditate on the image of his heart. It is a devotion that can be traced back one thousand years. In the times following the radical changes of Vatican 2, the church experienced a decline in Catholic devotionals. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is one such devotional. As trends developed, praying for the reparation of sins and using sentimental maybe even somewhat tacky images, became less common. Artwork that graphically shows a heart, sometimes wrapped in thorns or topped with a cross might leave a younger generation asking exactly what it is that we celebrate. Jesus, God in the flesh, loved us with the heart of a human. Blood and water gushed from his heart which was pierced at his death on the cross. It makes perfect sense that we should celebrate this precious, loving, most sacred heart.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

We celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the first Friday of each month with Eucharist Adoration in the crypt. We open our hearts in silent reflection in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is dedicated to the celebration of Jesus’ never ending mercy. It is celebrated 19 days after Pentecost, this year on June 28th.


At his crucifixion, a roman soldier thrust a sword into the side of Jesus. Blood and water poured out. We are invited to be strengthend from this fountain by opening our hearts to his.