Going Beyond

Metanoia. It is a Greek word and means "to have a profound and complete change of heart and mind." Metanoia means to go beyond the mind which you have and enlarge your soul. How does one achieve this state of metanoia? Our Lenten practices are a helpful place to start.

Reflect. Pray. Give.

During Lent, we are called to reflect more, pray more, give up more and give more. In my reflections, I realize the areas where I am not always the person God wants me to be. In praying, I can ask God for forgiveness and guidance. I can make sacrifices in my life by giving up certain luxuries, and support a non-violence attitude toward God’s creatures. I can consider the needs of others and spend less on myself and unnecessary material items and give more to those in need. All of these involve a transformation. An inner transformation is at the heart of the meaning of Metanoia. Moving from self to selflessness. Putting this into practice is a part of alms giving. We no longer think primarily of our self but more on the well-being of others. Inner transformation leads to outward acts of generosity.

Lenten Campaign Project

On Sunday, February 25, 2024, together with Fastenaktion of Switzerland and their partner organization “CERD”, we will dedicate the day to our Lenten Campaign Project to help raise awareness of the “Fishing Families” in the Philippines. We will present our project beginning in the Mass (German) at 9:30 and throughout the day in the Parish Center and in the Mass (English) at 18:00. We will have attractions for the family plus food from our Philippine Catholic Mission and much more. Come, See and Support, on February 25th!