Giving What We Are Given

Often, we express our love for someone by giving a gift, something that they can use and enjoy. When someone gives us a present, they like seeing us use it and getting pleasure from it. God has given us many gifts and talents as a sign of his love for us. 

Matthew 25: 14-30

In the Gospel for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus uses The Parable of the Talents to explain that we are expected to use our gifts and not waste them. In the Bible, the word talent doesn’t mean something that a person can do well, like playing a piano or making people laugh. In Jesus’ time a “talent” was a unit of money holding high but variable value, depending on its metal content. 


When it comes to managing money, some of us are natural risk-takers and others are not easily willing to take big chances. In Matthew’s Gospel, two of the three servants took some risks and doubled their talents which made the master very happy. He rewarded them by giving them great responsibilities. The third servant didn’t use his talent and did nothing. There is nothing wrong with playing it safe, but when it comes to a gift, especially a gift from God then it is our responsibility – our duty – to use it toward the kingdom of God. When we grow in the kingdom of God, everyone profits. 


The Liturgical Year A comes to an end on November 22nd as we celebrate Christ the King. The beginning of Advent is just around the corner and this parable is a good text to reflect on as we prepare and wait for the coming of Jesus. Let’s reflect on the choices we make about how we treat others, how we care for God’s creation and how we take care of ourselves. Let us take our God-given talents and invest them here on earth for the growth of his Kingdom. We will be rewarded heavenly.