Foodies For Jesus

On the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time we hear from the Gospel of John and Jesus’ Bread of Life Discourse (John 6:24-35). The crowd following Je­sus is looking for nourishment. It’s the same crowd he fed with the Multiplication of the Loaves. They are hungry and want more. Jesus tells them that what they need is to believe in the work of God and the one who he sent. Jesus tells them that he is “the bread of life.” The bread the crowd is searching for does not last but the food that Jesus gives is everlasting.

Healthy Choices

One of the first published uses of the word “foo­die” was in the early 1980’s in a book called “Of­ficial Foodie Handbook: Be Modern – Worship Food”. Since then our food culture has undergone great changes. We used to refer to specialty foods, exotic cuisine and its consumers as “gour­met”. Today it seems that everyone is a gourmet and our meals have to be pleasing to the eye and arousing to the senses and paired with the right wine. I sometimes wonder if our food culture has gotten out of hand. Television is overfilled with food programs and food blogs are all over the In­ternet. This all brings me to my question: why do we eat? We eat to live, not vice versa.


What we eat should be for our nourishment. God has given us everything we need and we have power over “all the living things that move on the earth” (Ge­nesis 1:28). What are we doing with this power? We spend so much time and thought on how we feed our body, but do we spend the same amount of time considering how we feed our spiritual needs? Jesus feeds us in his words, his actions and his body. We can read all about it in the of­ficial handbook of our faith, The Bible. We can get nourishment when we take part in the Eucharist Celebration. “Whoever comes to me will never hunger.”

Be Old Fashion – Worship Jesus.