Finding God

The Mass is the center of Catholic liturgical worship and within this worship we celebrate the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Priests say Mass every day and Christians attend Mass every Sunday. Sadly though, Mass attendance in many parts of the world has declined in recent years. In past years, many people have blamed the Church herself and the sex scandals, politics and clerical vanity. Perhaps this is partial true, but I think those who have turned away were already disinterested in our faith. Why are so many people disinterested in the Catholic Church?

Ask Father

I asked Fr. Urs Steiner for his thoughts. His responses quickly filled an entire piece of paper. “People don’t care, they are too busy with other things” was his first response. He added that people think the way they practice religion, often a kind of patchwork faith where they take little pieces of several religions and create their own, is better than organized religion.

Where is God?

I have heard people say they find God in the woods or mountains when they go for a walk. I too feel God’s presence when I am surrounded by the beauty he has created, but what about the beauty we find in each other? Some people complain that Church is boring. I asked Fr. Urs what his thoughts were and he explained that people now days insist on being entertained. “They can’t sit for one hour and be quiet and just be with God.” He also said that many people are ashamed or embarrassed of expressing their faith in public. Many of these explanations are not that surprising to me, but there was one response he gave that I was not prepared for. He said it was an attitude that many people have. They think “why should I depend on God when I can do everything myself?”


I have learned that when we depend on God, we can do everything that is in the realm of HIS will and for the good of HIS kingdom. In order to know what that is, go to Church and wait for the answer. Karen Curjel