Doves For Covid

10,110. That is the number of deaths due to the Corona virus as of May 6, 2021. 

Afflicted & Affected

We are all, in one way or another, affected by this virus. Like everywhere else in the world, there is a looming tiredness due to the restrictions. The desire for a return to some kind of normality grows stronger and stronger. The public is getting tired of all the negative reports and news headlines as people begin to forget the dangers of this aggressive virus and grow accustom to the deaths. 

A Memorial

On Pentecost, we would like to remember those who have died from Covid-19. For the past couple of months, members of Gut Hirt, Good Shepherd’s and beyond, young and old, countless hands have been folding white origami paper in the shape of a dove. Each dove will represent each victim in Switzerland and Liechtenstein who has succumbed to the Corona Virus. For the victims from the Canton of Zug we have folded blue and white doves. 

Inspired From Afar

The inspiration comes from a similar project in England where over 10,000 folded prayer angels hang from the ceiling in the Ripon Cathedral in North Yorkshire. Ripon’s “A Wing & A Prayer” art project want to say thank you to all of the front line services who have worked tirelessly during this pandemic. In order to pay our respects to those who have passed, Fr. Urs wanted to bring something similar to Zug. This project has reached across to all generations, from primary school students to our loved ones in the elderly care centers. Some have folded only a few and some have folded over 1,000 each. We too want to say "thank you". As a symbol of peace and of the Holy Spirit, these doves will hover over us on Pentecost.

• The Team of Good Shepherd’s