Choosing Life for Lent

Lent is a period of spiritual reflection in the weeks before Easter. Observed by many Christians, particularly Catholics, it's a time when many people choose to give up certain luxuries or habits as a form of sacrifice in order to draw closer to God.

I've Got A Question

I have often asked myself how giving up a glass of wine or piece of chocolate every night will deepen my faith and bring me closer to God. Fasting has many health benefits, but what is the benefit to my spiritual health? This is where I think the Orthodox Christians got it right. In the early centuries, fasting rules were very strict, and they still are in the Eastern Churches: One meal a day was consumed and animal products were forbidden.

Veganism: More Than a Lifestyle

The practice of giving up sweets, alcohol and other luxuries can be considered somewhat meaningless in view of the call to live a life of compassion and non-violence. With this thought in mind, it's worth considering the option of giving up meat and animal products during Lent. The choice of giving up all animal products, (going Vegan) becomes more than just a sacrifice, it becomes a statement against taking a life.

All God's Creatures

It can be looked at as a way of promoting peace and kindness toward all of God’s creatures. In this way, we can embrace the values of compassion and non-violence and draw closer to God in a more meaningful way. This is not to say that there is no benefit in giving up booze and sweets during Lent, but I believe there is more to our sacrifice. Lent should be about more than just giving up indulgences. Let it be a powerful way to live out your faith and make a positive impact on the world.