Check Your Calendar!

Many people reflect on the past year as the calendar turns to December. Successes and failures are contemplated and life style choices are reconsidered. We are two weeks into the new Liturgical Year. How many of us have reflected on the past twelve months of our spiritual journey? Where have I been, what have I learned, and where is God in my life? Am I fulfilled?

Advent Reflection

Advent brings dark days and Christmas can be a challenging time for many people. The question “am I fulfilled?” conjures up feelings of loneliness. The question of “where is God in my life” brings us to the Church doors wondering whether to go in or not. Life is full of many questions. We wander around sometimes in a state of confusion, not sure of where we are going or what to do.

Calling Out to Us

The Gospel for the Second Sunday of Advent (Mark 1:1-8) creates a visual image of John the Baptist. He had been wandering in the wilderness as he called out to people living in uncertain times. They were confused and may have wondered where God was. This unlikely figure who appeared out of nowhere echoing a message of change and hope, a powerful message that challenged people to examine their life and behavior. His call fell onto the ears and into the hearts of those who were searching for a more meaningful and deeper relationship with God.

Living the Message

This time of Advent can spiritually prepare us for something bigger and greater. Just as John called out, so does Jesus. When he calls we have to respond. Lent begins in eleven weeks, let us “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.