Celebrating Easter

As we face a total shutdown in these days, many of us might ask ourselves how to celebrate the forthcoming Easter Triduum which is the summit of the Liturgical Year. During these three days, which begin on the evening of Holy Thursday with the Mass of the Lord’s Last Supper, and end up with the solemn service on Easter Day, the church unfolds the greatest mystery of faith, the mystery of the death and resurrection of our Lord and God Jesus Christ. As Christians we are invited to accompany him on his last journey through the darkness of Good Friday to the never ending light of Easter Day by attending religious services and individual prayer in our families.


Regretfully this year we are unexpectedly forced to stay at home throughout the Easter Triduum due to the Coronavirus disease which affects our daily live and the life of the Church. As liturgical celebrations had to be cancelled in these days all around the world due to safety reasons, we are asked to widen our hearts from home and to join one another in prayer.

At present many parish churches as well as cathedral churches broadcast services to join in through the digital channels. To attend a church service virtually is a proper way of celebrating our faith in the face of the current disease. Go to Church services where you will find a huge range of daily broadcasted services from the UK.

Liturgical commissions of various dioceses kindly provide us with suggestions for prayers to strengthen our spiritual life and by that enable us to have are own liturgical celebrations at home. See UK’s Catholic Bishops’ Conference for a selection of prayers as well as an order for a service which can be held at home during this extraordinary time.

Palm Sunday Celebrations

In regards to the Blessing of the Palms on Palm Sunday and the Blessing of the Easter Candle during the Easter Vigil we shall give our best to provide you with the necessary liturgical texts ahead of time in order to enable you to celebrate these significant acts together with your dear ones.


We are making big steps forward towards the Holy Week. Life at present is strange, and the Season of Easter will be strange or at least unusual too. Given the current situation we live in we are invited to face Easter. May the risen Lord give us wisdom, strength and rest to stay strong.